What are the services offered by EesAuction?

EesAuction is an online auction platform where different types of goods are displayed to be sold. Buyers have to bid competitively on these goods, and the one with the highest bid gets the item. EesAuction, the first of its kind in Nigeria, is such a platform that combines e-Commerce, e-Auction, and e-Empowerment to give an optimal customer experience to its users.

What is e-Commerce?

e-Commerce, also known as internet commerce, is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. The online transfer of money and other payment means are also an intricate part of the e-Commerce system. It is different from e-Business, which entails all aspects of operating an online business since it deals only with the transaction of goods and services.

In today’s world, e-Commerce has progressed to make the visibility of goods up for sale clearer while making it easier to transact business for buyers. With e-Commerce, goods are visible to many potential buyers, narrowing down the possibility of an item being sold. e-Commerce is one of the three primary services offered by EesAuction. They have managed to build their company around the models of e-Commerce, making it easier to trade on their platform.

Types of e-Commerce models

There are four significant types of e-Commerce models, and they describe the relationships between consumers and sellers. They are;


Business to Consumer model (B2C)

In this model, transactions are made from a business or a brand to an individual customer/ consumer.


Business to Business model (B2B)

This is a transaction between one business to another business in need of that service or product. Take, for example, a business that sells computer software for other companies to use.


Consumer to Business model (C2B)

In this model, consumers sell personal products or services to a business or organisation for an agreed fee.


Consumer to Consumer model (C2C)

Here, a consumer sells products or offers a service to other consumers. Take, for example, the sale of household furniture from one consumer to another.

EesAuction have been able to incorporate the majority of these models on their platform. This allows both sellers and buyers alike to have an optimal experience during the auction. On the platform, items can be put up for sale by individuals or businesses and bought by a company or an individual.

What is e-Auction?

An auction is a sales event where potential buyers place bids on goods and items that range from clothes to art pieces, et cetera. Therefore, e-Auction is an auction that is performed over the internet. The benefits of e-Auction make it a more appealing venture than its conventional counterpart. In a country like Nigeria, EesAuction has excellent potential to succeed because of the people’s awakening to the benefits of online marketing.

Some benefits of e-Auction are;


Lower prices

e-Commerce generally provides savings of less than 10% when compared to previously negotiated prices.


It is a time-saving venture

With e-Auctions, negotiations are conducted at the same time with all suppliers. This allows the process to be completed in less time than its traditional counterpart.


Market transparency is assured

It is expected that there are no favours in online auctioning. All bidders are given the same information and details and are bidding against the same product.


Process improvement

With e-Auction, there is a structured and uniform working procedure for all customers. Bids are accepted only within the system, with all data stored in a single place.

EesAuction tries to ensure that all transactions are performed under a reliable, secure, and safe atmosphere, where every customer and seller is respected. With their well-structured working procedure, an optimal experience of online shopping is guaranteed.

What is e-Empowerment?

Empowerment in business means more authority is given to people. It implies creating conditions where everyone involved in the transaction process can exploit their potential fully. For employees, it means tweaking the working conditions to make them comfortable and more productive. For consumers, empowerment implies creating a platform that allows consumers to have an optimal experience when they shop.

When a company invests in empowering its customers, it creates a customer-centric atmosphere that allows traders and buyers alike to relax and transact more comfortably. e-Empowerment is the ability of businesses to translate this seemingly offline characteristic to their online platforms. EesAuction, as part of their corporate social responsibility, seeks to ensure that their customers are empowered through the use of their platform.

With these services, our company, EesAuction, makes sure that consumers get value for their time, shop well and comfortably, and are empowered as they do it.

2021-08-09 14:04:15

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