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Empowerment Services in Nigeria


Empowerment Services in Nigeria

There are several empowerment services in the Nigeria. Some services are private and some are government owned. The major aim of these empowerment services are to develop and empower the Nigeria youth. In this blog I will share with you the top 6 empowerment services in Nigeria and how you can take advantage of them.

Npower Empowerment Services

The Federal Government launched this new service program to decrease youth unemployment in Nigeria area. This program is involved in the massive placement of 500000 trained graduates.

Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) for Empowerment Services

This youth empowerment services was accepted in 2011. The aim of this is to motivate youths of the Nigerian society in such a way as to decrease the rates of stigma and HIV in the lives of youths and young ones of Nigeria.

African Youth Empowerment Nigeria (AYEN) for Empowerment Services

The function of AYEN this organization is to support the youths of Nigeria to develop in a way that will make them efficient in the society. Their programs include workshops, seminars, vocational programs etc.

Young Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (YEN) for Empowerment Services

This YEN organization offers wide-ranging management programs and training. The core of this program is to support youths of Nigeria to improve their personal attributes.

Youth Empowering People (YEP) for Empowerment Services

This specific program has assisted to shape the Nigerian youth mindset particularly those of the Niger Delta area and a good number of these youths have been put into significant jobs and this has enabled them to decrease rate of unemployment and poverty.

Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Program (SURE-P) for Empowerment Services

This subsidy reinvestment and empowerment program service is also known as SURE-P is a services that is formed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in the time of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as President of Nigeria.

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