Live Auctions on Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm and 3pm There is now an auction at 8pm on Fridays. Kindly fund your wallet to Bid.
  • Friday

    Jun 09, 2023 13:00:00

  • OPPO PHONE + : ₦ 120,000.00
  • Bid Value : ₦ 350.00

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  • Hammer Price: ₦ 2,400.00
  • Friday

    Jun 09, 2023 15:00:00

  • MICROWAVE OVEN : ₦ 80,000.00
  • Bid Value : ₦ 350.00

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  • Hammer Price: ₦ 1,600.00
  • Monday

    Jun 12, 2023 13:00:00

  • HALOGEN - OVEN: ₦ 65,000.00
  • Bid Value : ₦ 350.00

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  • Hammer Price: ₦ 1,300.00

About EesAuction

EES Auction (EesAuction.Com Ltd) is simply eCommerce, eAuction, and eEmpowerment Services. EesAuction was established (2020) to address the gaps in public sales and distribution networks on the one hand and consumer power and propensity to purchase on the other hand. Our platform is a dynamic, unique and first of a kind eMarketing, eVending and eAuction system, with the capabilities to serve the global eMarket, but optimized for the Nigerian eMarket at the inception. EesAuction combines both established and novel Auction and Chance Principles (“EesAuction Model”) to drive eCommerce. Ours is a user-friendly platform that runs on web and mobile applications.

The Vision

Short Term

To become a Household Name; the most reliable and dependable eAuction and eCommerce Platform and Auction Company in Nigeria by 2022.

Mid Term

To become a leading and dominant eAuction and eCommerce Online Platform and Auction Company in Africa by 2026.

Long Term

To promote and make “EesAuction” model a globally recognised and acceptable auction type; and to become a world brand.

The Mission

To Strengthen Public Confidence and Participation in Auction Sales in Nigeria, and Africa at large


Core Values

Originality, Transparency, Probity, Affordability, Reachability, Efficiency, User-Friendliness Customer–Satisfaction, are our core values.